菲律宾克里斯汀大学英语语言文学哲学博士(Doctor of Philosophy in English Language and Literature)课程安排

Common Basic Courses 基础课程 6 units

Contemporary Philosophies of Education 当代教育哲学 3学分

Advanced Statistics and Research  高级统计与研究 3学分

Core Courses  核心课程 24学分

Research in Language and Literature  语言文学研究

Study of Techniques applied in the field of Literary Research 文学研究领域的技术研究 3学分

Literary and Cultural Theories 文学文化理论

Introduction to the major modes of literary and cultural theories  文学文化理论主要模式概论 3学分

The Grammars of English Languages  英语语法

Discussion of typological characteristics of syntactic structures of English languages 英语句法结构的类型特征讨论 3学分

Literature and Language Teaching  文学与语言教学

Study of various approaches to the integration of literary texts into EFL/ESL contexts 文学文本与EFL/ESL语境整合的多种途径研究 3学分

Psycholinguistics and Sociolinguistics Foundation of Literacy 心理语言学和社会语言学基础素养 Examines the major theories and research on language development, cognition and learning 语言发展、认知和学习的主要理论和研究的检验 3学分

Language Program Planning and Policy Making 语言课程规划与政策制定

Examines theory and implementation of Language Policy 研究语言政策的理论和实施 3学分

Narratives of Nationalism  民族主义叙事

Explores how nations and nationalism are based on narratives of the past  探索国家和民族主义是如何建立在过去的叙事基础上的 3学分

Ethno Poetics  民族诗学

Introduction to Contemporary debates about ethnicity and race brough about by Poetic forms 当代诗歌形式引发的民族与种族论争概论 3学分

Cognates 选修课程 6学分

Pragmatics 语用学

Deals with the study of theories of utterance comprehension and how contexts contribute to meaning 研究话语理解理论以及语境如何促进意义 3学分

Stylistics 文体学

It is the study of the systematic approach of exploring, primarily literary, texts. 这是一个系统的研究方法,探索,主要是文学,文本。3学分

Contemporary Issues in Language 语言的当代问题

Deals with the problems in relation to approaches and methods in language teaching and learning 论述了语言教学中有关方法和途径的问题 3学分

21 st Century Literature  21世纪文学

Critical study and appreciation of 21 st century literature  21世纪文学批评研究与鉴赏 3学分

Program Management and Teacher Development Issues 课程管理与教师发展问题

Examines current and emerging issues and trends impacting teacher development and program management 研究影响教师发展和课程管理的当前和新出现的问题和趋势 3学分

Literary Research 文学研究

Deals with the designs and methods of literary research utilizing literary theories and concepts from literary criticisms 运用文学批评中的文学理论和概念,探讨文学研究的设计和方法 3学分

Trend & Issues in Composition Studies & Pedagogy 作文教学研究的趋势与问题

Study of emerging trends and approaches in creating written discourse  书面语篇创作的新趋势与方法研究 3学分


Dissertation Writing/Defense 论文 答辩 12学分

总共 48学分

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